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Latton Bush Sports Club Hub Expansion

Please can you help? We are based in Harlow and currently have a small wellbeing hub in Latton Bush sports club. We are looking to expand and have been offered space through Harlow council. Unfortunately, the space needs extensive works, which we need to fund. It is looking to be in the region of £60-80K. So, we are currently looking for funding/sponsors to make this possible. Or help/support to spread the word of what we are trying to achieve. We lost mum to suicide in March 2020, just before the lockdown and it made me realise how little help there actually is out there for people in this situation. She was on life support for 5 days and in this time, I vowed to set something up in ger name, to help others. Butterfly effect wellbeing is a non-judgemental group that offers space to listen, accept, encourage and support those that need it. We have a hub to offer space daily, holding a variety of groups to help those with mental ill health, we also hold space for people that are suicidal or having suicidal thoughts. We hold, social support groups 4 times a week, meditation, sound therapy, sing a long, movie nights, craft groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, cooking on a budget, warm space, chakra dancing, baby and me sessions, walking groups, chair yoga, children’s craft groups, children’s support groups, chill n chat for teenagers, community days. This project will enable us to grow our community space to make it more inclusive, bigger and better. This will be achieved by having a bigger building and outdoor space, meaning that we can welcome even more people to our space. By having this opportunity, we will be able to future-proof our work and continue to offer our services long into the future, with a 20-year lease. With this building we will be able to hold multiple different groups as we will have more space to do so. This project will enable us to expand and help so many more people in the community. The combination of project works outlined will all contribute to improving the quality of service that we offer to all local people that use our space. With the bigger space, catered more to the needs of the groups, our position for further grant applications is strengthened. By having the outside space, it will be more inviting and accessible. The location is more central and assessable to users, also it is very near a centre we help that is used by those suffering from mental ill health. Please see link to a video we made.


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