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I hope everyone is ok. I know a lot of people are happy to see us slowly coming out of the restrictions. There are also a lot of people who are going to be suffering with heightened anxiety because of this. Please do not suffer in silence and reach out to someone if you are feeling this way. I am pleased to announce that the meditation classes will return on 20th April. These are held every Tuesday at 9.45am and 7pm. I start with a guided meditation and then go around everyone with some lovely reiki drumming. Reiki drumming affects the physical, mental and spiritual bodies simultaneously helping to bring then into harmony while raising the vibratory rate to levels that may allow the body to accelerate its innate abilities. It makes use of the sound waves from the drum to introduce reiki energy more deeply into a client’s energy field to facilitate deep relaxation and stress relief. As stress is relieved, tensions in the physical body are often released as well.

We are also able to facilitate a fundraiser jumble too. This will be held on 30th May at the David Livingston Hall Harlow, 10am till 2pm. There will be lots of jumble, as well as sweet stalls, crystal stalls and therapy tasters. Also, a raffle to be drawn at 1.30pm. Please do pop along, even if its just to support us and grab a coffee and cake. All proceeds will go towards to the Support and social group, that I am really hoping to bring to you daily by the end of the year. Please do reach out, I post daily quotes and little tips on the Facebook page, so please do give us a little like to follow

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