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July blog

Thank you so much for all that came to the jumble. It was such a lovely day and thankfully we had the weather on our side. The total count was just under £800. I am so grateful for all you’re support and especially to all the lovely people that gave up their day to help out. The money raised pays for the hall that we use for the support and social group.

Unfortunately due to the recent guidelines announced 14th June, the hall I use are not allowing it to be used for any “social” groups. I am really sorry we will now not officially open until the 20th July. Fingers crossed numbers stay low. It will be much needed when the time comes. In the meantime I am available, so please do reach out if you need help. Also if you would like to meet up, I am available. So could potentially go for a walk or meet for a chat. Please do not suffer in silence.

The meditation is running every Tuesday 9.45am and 7pm £5 a session. This is has so many health benefits and helps you to relax, if practiced regularly.

Take care Angie X

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